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Stars on Tour ~ June 2006
When Pete and Chris Wigley decided to make the long journey from their home in Bognor Regis with their caravan to go camping in Northumberland, Pete and June Wrathall decided to join them. Pete hitched up his caravan to sample the outdoor life.

Myself (Bob) and Molly in our wisdom bought a tent to join them. Now at 60 plus years of age you would think that we would know better! (We last went camping about 25 - 30 years ago)

Blessed with good weather we were joined by Russ and Pauline Dent along with Ian Martin. It was an eventful get-together, and we took in a visit Berwick Speedway.. Wiggo even sampled the delights of Craster kippers. The booze flowed freely and we sampled one of Pete Wigleys famous barbecues. Good company and good weather, what more could you want!

I seem to remember falling through the tent door one night, got all tangled up in the camp bed which collapsed, and Molly rolling around laughing. I must have had one two many, one or two or three hic.