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In Bandit Country - September 2006
Once again the Stars  take to the track, this time at Berwick.  Again it is thanks to Paul Mcllveney, and Peter Waite for holding a full 15 heat meeting at Sheilfield Park.  Berwick Bandits and Sunderland Stars. Wow! that takes you back down memory lane!

We were robbed  was the feeling at the end of a thriller of a meeting.  We lost the Tweed-Wear Trophy by a single point, 47-46. The Stars were managed by former Sunderland  no.1 and captain, Russ Dent. Once again it was a ding dong battle all the way. With two heats remaining, we were winning 34-44. Surely its in the bag, a win at last.

But the Bandits used the double points rule as they
pulled a tactical in heat 14, alarm bells started to ring.
When our top rider fell in heat 15 I could not believe that
we had lost the meeting by a single point. 47-46. 
Heartbreak for the Stars

But we enjoyed it, we waved our flag, exchanged
verbals with Dick Barrie, all in good fun...Dick came up
to see us in the stand at the end of the meeting, we
thought he was coming to play hell with us for giving him
a hard time. Instead he thanked us for a very entertaining
evening. Come back again, and bring your flag with you.