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Stars take to the track again!
19th May 2008 By Bob Ferry
Sunderland Stars are to take to the track again. They have been invited to Redcar Speedway on the 29th May, for a second half event at junior level. Once again Paul Mclvenny will be providing the Sunderland race jackets, the ones won in 1971-2, (which in our opinion was the best designed jacket).

We are very grateful to Redcar Speedway for giving us the chance to show our colours on the race track once more. It is hoped that at some time in the future we may be given the chance to race a full 15 heat meeting like the one held at Berwick a few years ago.

Long Eaton Reunion
Former Stars rider Pete Wrathall is helping to organise the planned reunion at Long Eaton. It will be held on 14th June at the Bridge Inn, Longmoor Lane, Long Eaton.

Among those attending will hopefully be Ray Wilson, Clive Hitch, Geoff Bouchard and Clive Hitch. A buffet will be provided and a raffle held, and of course there will be lots of memorabilia. So riders and fans alike should be in for a great evening, starting at 7-30 pm. Anyone interested in attending should contact Pete Wrathall on 01332 872187 or mobile  07970419170.