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Stars on Track at Redcar
5th June 2008 By Bob Ferry
On the 29th May 2008, the distinctive red and white race jackets of Sunderland Stars were seen on track once again. Redcar Speedway were kind enough to host a second half junior match between Tees Valley Tigers and Sunderland Stars.

Representing the Stars were Steven Jones, James McBain, Jade Mudgway and Peter Johnson (son of former Sunderland rider Brian Johnson) In a keenly contested match the "Stars" ran out winners by 16pts to 14pts. Once again Paul Mcllveny provided the Sunderland race jackets, and the win was just the boost that Paul needed before he entered  hospital. (Ian, Molly and myself  would like to wish Paul all the very best during his stay in hospital, and that the operation is a sucess. We hope he is soon fit and well again).

Former Sunderland rider Brian Havelock
looked after the team on this occasion,
and once again we say a big thank you
to Redcar Speedway for the opportunity
to fly the red and white body colours....
and the big flag!

Tees Valley Tigers
1 Martin Emmerson 1,3,0 = 4
2 Joni Keskinen 3,1,3 = 7
3 Guy Kendrew 0,0 = 0
4 Jitendra Duffill 1,2 = 3

Sunderland Stars
1 Steven Jones 2,3,1*  = 6 + 1
2 James McBain   0,1  = 1
3 Jade Mudgway 3,2,2  = 7
4 Peter Johnson 2*,0 = 2 +1

Heat 1: Keskinen,Jones,Emmerson,McBain 4-2 time 56.7
Heat 2: Mudgway,Johnson,Duffill,Kendrew 1-5 5-7 time 58.9
Heat 3: Emmerson,Mudgway,Keskinen,Johnson 4-2 9-9 time 57.9
Heat 4: Jones,Duffill,McBain,Kendrew 2-4 11-13 time 59.0
Heat 5: Keskinen,Mudgway,Jones,Emmerson 3-3 14-16 time 58.7

Final Score:  Tees Valley Tigers 14 Sunderland Stars 16

Since closure in 1974, The "Stars" record reads.....Won 2, Drew 1, Lost 1, (by a single point).
So a piece of trivia for you....the "Stars" have lost by just a single point in four matches.