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Keeping Alive Memories of Speedway Racing at the Boldon Stadium, dedicated to the Memory of Vic Harding, Jack Millen, Colin Robertson, Vic Ridgeon, Bernie Aldridge, Pauline Dent and Elizabeth Martin
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Bob 'Stars' Ferry
                             Sunderland born, one time local footballer and football supporter (sadly both have now gone down
                             the tube), Bob served his time as a Cooper (barrel maker) at Vaux Brewery. He also spent two and
                             a half years in the Army doing National Service, where he learned to be a cook!

                             After being made redundant from the Brewery, he worked for three years in Engineering, before
                             moving on to fourteen years with a Clothing Manufacturer. Following redundancy again, Bob opened
                             a Greengrocer’s Shop with his wife Molly.

                             On taking early retirement, he spent five years doing voluntary work running a Garden Project for
                             people with mental health problems.

Bob now spends his time writing and helping to organise Sunderland Speedway Reunions with his "partner in crime" Ian
"The Rottweiler" Martin. How did Ian get his nickname? Well, when Bob and he started to organise Reunions, whenever
Ian got a lead or contact for one of the riders he just wouldn't let go!

"His Enthusiasm Knows No Bounds”

Bob first watched Speedway in 1964 at the Boldon Stadium, home of the Sunderland "Saints". When Speedway
returned in 1971 he became a Speedway nut (and still is) a nut that is! Involvement with the "Stars" became an
obsession, and he helped out around the track, tyre packing, fencing, etc. Bob was also a Committee Member of the
Supporter’s Club, organised the Coach Trips, and was the last Chairman at the time the Supporters Club folded - some
time after the Speedway had ceased.

He can honestly claim to have supported all the North East teams at some time or other; Sunderland, Newcastle,
Teesside, and Berwick, and he would dearly love to see all four up and running again
Most admired Sunderland rider:
Russ Dent - for all he did over four hard years.

Greatest speedway rider:
Peter Collins - the finest racer of all time.

Most exciting rider:
Peter Collins

All round excitement:
Jack Millen

Today's greatest:
Tony Rickardsson

Most exciting moment:
When Peter Collins beat Ivan Mauger at Wembley

Saddest moments:
When Sunderland speedway closed down, and when Jack Millen and Vic Harding were killed.