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Graeme Smith
"The White Knight"
Graeme Smith rode a total of 36 league matches for the "Stars" in 1972. Known as the White
Knight because of his white leathers, he provided some much needed strength to a Sunderland
side that had finished bottom of the league the previous season. Graeme was very much the
stylist of the side always looking comfortable and confident astride a Speedway bike. He was
a great Rider and once he got his foot on the inside line was very difficult to budge. He had a
determined streak on occasion as at least one opposition Rider could testify.

Only injury pevented him being the Sunderland representative at the Second Division Riders
Championship that year, and at the end of the season Graeme finished up second in the
Sunderland averages (8.29) to Jack Millen (8.69). Graeme scored only two paid maximums
during his stay at Sunderland, I always felt he should have had more.

It is a great shame that we only had Graeme for the one year, I am sure that if he had stayed
Sunderland would have had an even more successful 1973. That year we finished in our highest ever league position.

Graeme attended our Reunion in 2001 and it was great to see him
after all these years, a big part of the 'Stars' history.

Graeme acheived a League average of 8.29, and also rode in 10
other matches for the 'Stars' scoring 121 Points.

Meetings     Races     1st     2nd     3rd     Unp.     Points
36        151          59     43        34      15         297 + 16 Bonus