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Keeping Alive Memories of Speedway Racing at the Boldon Stadium, dedicated to the Memory of Vic Harding, Jack Millen, Colin Robertson, Vic Ridgeon, Bernie Aldridge, Pauline Dent and Elizabeth Martin
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Stadium Fact File
Ian was born in Sunderland and has enjoyed both participating in and watching local sport - he played
league Table Tennis and still supports the local football team, Sunderland A.F.C. He completed four
years service at Vaux Brewery, before moving on to Rolls Royce's Aero Engine Division where he
spent twenty seven years in a variety of positions. Oddly enough, if Bob and Ian met at the Brewery,
neither of them can remember.

After being made redundant from Rolls Royce, Ian took on the position of Facilities Officer at Mi
Services Group, an IT Solutions Provider.

He now spends a lot of his "spare" time reading books and magazines about Speedway, and helping his good friends
Bob and Molly, and his own wife Elizabeth in organising the Reunions.

Ian first watched Speedway back in 1964 and immediately got the "bug" which has stayed with him ever since. Sadly
the 1964 team did not last long and he had to go seven long years before the sound of the bikes were once again heard
at the Boldon Track.

The Sunderland "Stars"/"Gladiators" teams lasted longer, from 1971 to 1974 inclusive. He well remembers the tyre
packing, working on the track (Starting Gate), and the general camaraderie of the supporters. All volunteers trying to
keep our "Stars" alive. Ian was also actively involved in the Supporter's Club. His claim to fame... He fell off a train and
broke his wrist on the way to a Supporters Club Meeting!
Most admired Sunderland rider:
Russ Dent - Our Former Captain

Greatest speedway rider:
Peter Craven

Most exciting rider:
Barry Briggs

All round excitement:
Jack Millen

Today's greatest:
Tony Rickardsson

Most exciting moment:
When Sunderland opened in 1971 (I knew what to expect)

Saddest moments:
When Sunderland speedway closed and when I heard of the deaths of Gordon Guasco, Jack Millen, Vic Harding, and
Colin Robertson