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Peter Wrathall
"Speedy Pete"
Peter Wrathall joined Sunderland 'STARS' in our first year of operation 1971 for the final nine
matches from Long Eaton. He was brought in to strengthen the middle order of a side
weakened by the 'disappearance' of the promising John Goodall. Peter was ready and able
to support fellow riders and score some useful points.

He was a great Team man, always willing to lend a hand in the pits and talk to the
Supporters after the match. Legend has it that Peter used to carry an engine around with
him in the boot of his car. It was the one with which he once beat the great Barry Briggs.
Some Good Luck Charm!!

Peter left Sunderland half way through the 1973 Season to join Scunthorpe, shortly after
which he unfortunately had a really bad Track accident that hastened his retirement from the sport.

Peter, together with June his wife, have attended the last two of our Reunions
and remain as popular with the Supporters as ever. We look forward to seeing
him again this year.

Peter Wrathall's League Averages:
•  1971: 4.92
•  1972: 4.16
•  1973: 4.07

Peter rode in 16 other
matches scoring: 87 Points