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Russ Dent
Captain and "Mr Sunderland Speedway"
Russ Dent rode in all four seasons that Sunderland competed in the second division of the
British League in the 70's, 1971 to 1974. He is still referred to as "The Skipper" over
twenty-six years since he last raced for the "Stars".
Did you know...

•  Russ rode more matches than anyone else - 139 league and cup;
•  Russ had more rides than anyone else - 569 league and cup;
•  Russ scored more points - 931 + 61 bonus = 992 league only;
•  Russ scored more maximums than anyone else - 12 Full and 2 paid

Russ also rode in and won more "Rider of the Night" finals than anyone else, as well as
taking part in another in 37 other meetings, 4 Team, Challenge, and Open etc.

                              Key Achievements:
                                        Winner of the Northern Star Championship at
                                        Sunderland in 1973.

                                        Winner of the Teeside Farewell Trophy in 1971.

                                        Russ Dent was a local lad from Consett in
                                        County Durham, He started Speedway with the
                                        Newcastle ‘Diamonds’ in the 1960s and also rode
                                        for Glasgow. Russ rode for Newcastle in the very
                                        first meeting at the Boldon Stadium in 1964
                                        scoring five points.

Seven years later he led the reformed Stars back into Speedway in 1971,
wearing his red leathers he acquired the nickname of Captain Scarlet.
Quietly getting on with the job of points scoring, Russ along with George
Barclay carried the team through that first difficult season. Russ was still
captaining the team when it closed in September 1974, No team could have
asked for a better Skipper.

Russ Dents achievements are all the more creditable considering that he
suffered very badly from a stomach ulcer during his riding days. He fully deserves the title of:

"Mr. Sunderland Speedway”
Meetings Races 1st 2nd 3rd Unp Points
37             170 57 49 44 20 313