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Keeping Alive Memories of Speedway Racing at the Boldon Stadium, dedicated to the Memory of Vic Harding, Jack Millen, Colin Robertson, Vic Ridgeon, Bernie Aldridge, Pauline Dent and Elizabeth Martin
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Vic Harding
"The Canvey Kid"
Vic Harding came to Sunderland from his home in Canvey Island. In his season with the
"Gladiators" (as they were then called), Vic lived in the North East. A "lovely lad" is the only
way I can describe him. He struggled to get to grips with his speedway, in a team that always
had its back to the wall in that dire '74 season, but not once did he stop giving it his very best
shot. A hard slog brought him a 3.71 average from a hard fought 25 meetings.

The Sunderland fans never once got on his back, they stuck with him and encouraged him, and
he did his level best to show his appreciation to them, often coming to the Supporters Club

Vic scored his highest return (six points) in the very last Meeting to be held at the Boldon

As Sunderland closed its doors to speedway, Vic moved on to ride for the Weymouth ‘Wizards’.
I like to think that he learned his track craft at Sunderland, but it was at Weymouth that he developed into a very good
speedway rider. After a few seasons with the ‘Wizards’ Vic moved on to ride for First Division Hackney ‘Hawks’, and,
still making steady process, it was there that he suffered the tragic crash that took his life.

Vic is still remembered today, it's hard to forget that "Lovely Lad", always pleasant, always smiling, standing at the bar
of the Supporters Club with a pint of the local brew in his hand, and of course chatting away with the fans.