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2003 Reunion
Our 5th Annual Reunion took place on November 22nd at the Pullman Lodge Hotel, Seaburn, Sunderland. A great time
was had by all. Former Sunderland riders present were: Russ Dent, Peter Wrathall, Graeme Smith, Lloyd Dobson and
Brian Johnson and Team Manager Colin Armitstead. Dave Gatenby, Brian Havelock and John Robson had prior
engagements. Other riders attending were; Scott Robson (Rye House/Coventry), Pete Wigley (formerly Rye House),
Richard Greer (formerly Peterborough), Rob Grant (Senior - Berwick), Rob Grant (Junior/Stoke) and Kevin Poole.

We were indeed fortunate this year that Manager of the Newcastle 'GEMS' and former Rider Kenny Smith and 'Ginger'
Abigail from the Veteran Speedway Riders who brought a couple of Bikes along for display purposes. One of the bikes
was the one ridden by former World Champion Ove Fundin.

Once again we owe a great deal of thanks to Jeff Brown who introduced the Riders who were present on the night.
Without Jeff our Reunions would not be as popular as they are. He is a GREAT friend to Sunderland Speedway
Supporters and Speedway in general by getting as much exposure as he can on to the local television.

Jill Bloor the sister of Jack Millen came over from New Zealand for the event for the second year running. It was good to
see her again.

We changed our system this year. Raffle proceeds and all other monies were donated to the Carlos Villar Fund. Carlos
is the Berwick 'Bandit' who tragically lost the use of his legs in an horrific track crash at Berwick. We hope that our
small contribution will help towards Carlos rebuilding his life.

No praise can be high enough for the Pullman Lodge Hotel, their organisation and assistance is superb and very much

Sadly Bob, Molly, Elizabeth and myself must announce that this was our fifth and final Reunion. Due to circumstances
really beyond our control we must bow out of the organisation side. We hope that perhaps someone else would
consider picking up the torch and make these Reunion Nights continue. People in Speedway are great to deal with and
we have made a lot of very good friends. We have had five wonderful years. Anyone wishing to get involved, please
contact either Bob or myself and we can supply you with names, addresses etc.