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2010 Reunion
Sunderland Speedway supporters held yet another reunion, hailed by quite a few people as the best one yet. Quite a
complement as (even if I say so myself) they’ve all been absolutely fantastic nights.

This year it was held at The Little Haven Hotel, South Shields. They did us proud, they really looked after us well.
Staying over at the hotel was Graeme Smith, Pete Wigley, Pete Wrathall, Dai Evans, Geoff Bouchard, Richard Greer,
Ginger Abigail (who kindly brought along a speedway bike once owned by Ove Fundin). Also attending were Brian and
Peter Johnson, Lloyd Dobson, Andy Meldrum, along with former Berwick and Sunderland team manager Ken Taylor,
and the man known by everyone in speedway as Mose.

Missing his first Reunion was “The Skipper” Russ Dent. Russ lost his wife Pauline a couple of month ago after a long
illness. They were sorely missed by all who attended. So we raised our glasses to “Pauline” - the inspiration behind all
our past reunions.

Also we were pleased to welcome two young present day riders, Jade Mudgway and Arlo Bugeja. Nice to see them fit
and well and looking relaxed after the rigours of the past speedway season. To all who attended - we thank them for
helping to make the night a success. Those who travelled long distances to be with us, we appreciate that very much.

The raffle was a great success, and Pete Wigley kept us entertained on the mic, as we struggled to get through all of
the donated prizes. The disco finished the evening off, starting with “The boys are back in town” - “We’re gonna make
this a night to remember” and belting out “Simply the best”. And lastly seeing us out with “Lets go out with a blaze of

All in all - a fantastic evening, if you missed it - then you missed a treat. To those who were there, thank you all, very
much appreciated.

Bob, Molly and Ian