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2015 Reunion/Pre-Xmas Get Together
What we forecast as being our last gathering of friends of Sunderland Speedway, was held at the Little Haven Hotel,
South Shields last November. And once again the guests proved how silly we were  in making that statement. To use
Richard Greer’s words - “You must keep these nights going, you just must, this is the best one yet”. Words that were
repeated over and over again by everyone who attended. Considering all our reunions have been hugely successful - that
came as some praise indeed, we were profoundly touched.

The evening began with a sit down pre Xmas meal - Pete Wigley kept us entertained on the mic, and once again the
Giant raffle was a big success. Pete and myself (Bob) went round with the mic to have a word with the riders/ex riders.

Riders who attended were Russ Dent (welcome back Russ), Pete Wrathall, Andy Meldrum, Gerry Richardson, Brian
Johnson, Pete Wigley, Dai Evens, Geoff Bouchard and Ginger Abigail. Also it was nice to Jade Mudgway from the
Berwick Bandits - now with Glasgow, and Arlo Bugeja - newly married and soon to be returning to his native Australia.

Once again our thanks go to all who attended, especially those who travelled many miles to the cold and windy North
East, we really do appreciate your efforts and support.  And yes, you’ve guessed it - we have had our arm twisted, we
have pencilled in the date for 2012. 

Our thanks go to the Little Haven Hotel for looking after us and our guests, they were first class.

Bob, Molly and Ian.