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Jim Wells Reunion
Friday 13th February 2004
Jim and Pat Wells were in the UK for a family
bereavement. Sunderland Speedway
Supporters would like to record their
sympathy to Pat, Jim and their family at this
sad time. Jim and Pat did however agree to
visit Sunderland to renew some old
acquaintances. To this end a small but
enthusiastic get together was hastily arranged
at the Pullman Lodge Hotel on the sea front at

Our former Team Captain Russ Dent, Brian
Havelock, George Barclay and Team Manager
Colin Armitstead all attended along with a
number of Supporters including Paul
MacIlvaney who was instrumental in getting
the 'STARS' back on Track at Newcastle last
season. Jeff Brown of BBC Sport (North) said
a few words in appreciation of Jim, and also
spoke of his progress from Reserve to Heat
Leader and Track Recorder Holder at the
Boldon Track. The evening went on long into
the night, and we hope that Jim and Pat will
carry fond memories of Sunderland Speedway
Supporters back to New Zealand with them.

We would like to thank Jim and Pat for taking
the time to visit us here in Sunderland and we
wish them well in the future.
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